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Code Assured Permitting

With a full-time staff position of Permit Specialist, we coordinate and secure all necessary permits, handle all necessary administration in submissions to municipal authorities (including the presentation of design, implementation and installation plans to local design review boards, commissions and councils) and, with numerous local codes on file at our company to refer to necessary regulations in various municipalities.

Do I need a sign permit?
Yes. State and Federal regulations and laws require permits for all exterior signs. From state to state and city to city the regulations may vary.

What type of signs require permits?
Sign regulations vary from city to city but for the most part all signs permanent and temporary require permits.

Will you install the signs?
Sunbelt Signage will install your signage.We handle all permitting (if necessary) and can even install or repair your electrical sings as well as many other type of signage. Sometimes the best solution is repairing an existing sign rather than creating a new one. It is more cost-effective and usually quicker than recreating or making a brand new sign from scratch. We can repair your sign no matter if we made it or someone else did. Call us today to see we can save your sign 407-532-5455.

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