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Custom CNC Routing

Custom Sign RoutingEver wonder how the professionals make perfectly cut individual sign letters? The process is known as CNC (computer numerically controlled) Routing. Custom routed sign letters offer unlimited advantages over buying individual letters off the shelf. Custom sign letter orders allow for any specific size, material variations, different thickness, and ANY typeface you desire!

Computerized routing allows you to add shape and depth to your project. Think beyond two dimensions for ultimate impact. CNC routed letters, logos, sign blanks and parts can be made to your specifications in plastic, wood, foam and some metal laminates. Exacting tolerances and infinite repeatability make this the perfect method for dimensional work.

We can accept drawings with detailed measurements and scale them your required size, we can also accept your CAD drawings or DXF files for faster processing.


V-groove carving, or rather v-groove routing, is the Sign Industry term for a solid sign face with prismatic embossed graphics. Traditionally crafted by hand, technology has once again stepped in and provided a computer based solution that speeds up the process, controls accuracy, guarantees consistency over multiple units, and greatly decreased costs.

V-groove routed signs are produced from a very solid, very thick sheet of sign substrate. The sign material, referred to as the "sign blank," is primed and painted its final background color. The sign blank is then cnc v-carved "down" into the sign blank, which embosses the graphics down.


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